Learning Philosophy 

We at  Sai International Prep. School , believe that each child is potentially divine human being sent out on a purpose and all we do is just facilitate them to discover themselves.
We respect each child as unique individual and build tailored curriculum based on existing skills & abilities so that good and rapid progress is made in all area of learning.


Learning & Support

At Sai International Prep. School , support & challenge is provided for all kids.
We use range of innovative approaches to support a child's learning e.g. Art & Drama therapy, Audio Video learning, talking & drawing, Social skills group, after school club etc.
The Sai International Prep. School keeps records about each child, including observations about their experiences and achievements at school. These help us to celebrate her/his achievements and to work together to monitor progress and plan the next steps in line with your child's interests. We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to their learning, by sharing information about what their children like to do at home and how they, as parents, are supporting development

Our Promise

We promise parents, that we will

  • Ensure that your child fulfils his/her educational potential.
  • Provide broad, balanced and well planned curriculum in line with current & future expectations.
  • Set high expectation of work & behaviour
    Inform you, either over phone or through letter or email,it of any issue pertaining to your child, which you need to be aware.
  • Help children to establish confidence & praise their achievements and efforts.
  • Nurturing a caring attitude toward others, school environment & wider community by encouraging the children to follow & accept consistent and positive examples demonstrated by all our staff while explaining the reasons behind it
  • Help in to developing a sense of right & wrong in all children.
    Encourage children to become self motivated, confident & independent, by rewarding initiative, consistent efforts & high standards.
  • Provide children with necessary experiences that foster enquisitive minds & creativity through stimulation & challenging activities.
  • Foster link with parents and encourage them to work in partnership with Vatsalya, by establishing good relationships & opportunities for contact.

 Our Mission

The Sai International Prep. School

  • It is our mission to create a fully integrated primary & nursery program to foster the child's physical, social, linguistic & creative development.
    We achieve our mission through continuous effort, team work & vision.
  • Creative Learning: we foster creative learning by tailored curriculum which is engaging, meaningful & priorities the right things and enable children learn the skills of 21st century.
  • Learning by Fun: we make learning fun , through innovative use of toys, audio-video, storytelling, dance & drama.
  • Value based learning: we at Modern International School stress at value learning through inculcation of Sanskar & practicing good habits so that children may be rooted to their traditional values. Computer aided education: we expose children to the new age technology so that they can take-up the challenges of 21st century.
  • Social Learning: we stress at various social traits such as equality, sharing of items, empathy etc. by rewarding not by punishing.

School Uniform 

We encourage cleanliness and neat appearance in our children.

  • Boys
    • Summer - shirts, pants, tie, belt
      and black shoe
    • Winter :- sweater and blazer with summer uniform
  • Girls
    • Summer :- shirt, skirts, tie, belt.
      and black shoes
    • Winter :- sweater, blazer and stockings/slacks with summer uniform
  • Sports:- T-shirts, pants and white shoes. 

Infrastructure Features

  • English Medium
  • Thoughtfully designed pre-school
  • Outdoor play equipment and sand area
  • Study corner
  • Audio-video learning
  • Computer education
  • Sanskrit shloka
  • Art & craft, Dance club
  • Monitoring through CCTV
  • Montessori mode-helping student grow through proper observation.
  • Trained teacher